Mission Statement: To develop the next generation of multicultural STEM professionals by informing K-8 students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through engaging and inspiring music.

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Founder & CEO

Roy Moye III

B.S. Aerospace Engineering

Wichita State University

Structural Design Aerospace Engineer

Spirit Aerosystems Inc

Award Winning Gospel Music Artist

Third Glory Music

About STEMusic

STEMusic was created to inspire the next generation of multicultural STEM professionals through the use of songs comprised with lyrics about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Roy Moye III, an Aerospace Engineer and the Founder and CEO of STEMusic, couldn’t help but notice the lack of diversity in his engineering office. He also took note of the many articles that shared the statistics of minorities in the STEM industry. The Statistics were staggering and proved that something needed to be done to reach the next generation of diverse STEM professionals. There are many organizations on the front lines doing the hard work to help increase the number of multicultural STEM professionals but there isn’t a organization quite like STEMusic. STEMusic is a fun way to share what STEM is to students through engaging music that allows students to sing along and dance all while learning about this specific field of study. Roy is a unique factor in STEMusic as he is a singer but also an engineer. He has the ability to write great songs, sing them, and also bring a STEM perspective to them with real world STEM industry experience. One of the simplest ways he describes the need for this endeavor is the fact that students don’t know the difference between a Mechanic and a Mechanical Engineer. One of them fixes cars while the other designs them. Roy’s hope is that through STEMusic, STEM will become a common term that all multicultural students understand and it inspires them to take a chance on a STEM career journey. He is excited to bring this music to schools and STEM events across the country and is looking forward to all the songs that will transform a generation and lead them to pursue a career in STEM.


STEMusic EP Coming Soon!!!!

STEMusic Products

STEMusic Concert

A STEMusic Concert is a high energy, crowd participating, educational experience! STEMusic concerts are perfect for School Assemblies, STEM Festivals and STEM Conferences. Roy will perform multiple songs from the STEMusic EP while encouraging students to consider STEM as an area of study and an industry to join when they become professionals.

STEMusic Games

Join The STEMusic Games for an engaging and energetic experience as you learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math! Students will learn and chant STEM theme songs and ultimately will be split into teams to tackle challenges that match each word represented in STEM. The finale of this event is one that everyone will want to witness. Teams will go against each other in the STEMusic Cypher to decide which team will be the STEMusic Champion!

STEMusic SongLab Workshop

The STEMusic SongLab Workshop is an opportunity for students to use their creativity to create their own STEMusic song! Students will work with Roy to write and record a song about a topic within the STEM field. After the song is complete, students will submit the song to Tunecore and it will be released on all digital music platforms within the following weeks. Student writers will have a chance to earn writing credits on their song and have the potential to earn Royalties from streaming.

STEM Key Note Speaker

Are you in need of a Key Note Speaker for your STEM Day/Conference/Festival/Graduation Ceremony??? Roy Moye III is the perfect speaker for your event! Roy earned his bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering at Wichita State University and has worked in the Aerospace Industry as a structural design engineer for over 4 years. He has spoken on the topic of STEM in many different settings from non profits, to High Schools, and even in vacation bible school camps. In the fall of 2018, Roy was invited to give three separate talks on STEM at Oberlin College in Oberlin Ohio. He spoke about the need for diversity in STEM, encouraged students to stay in STEM majors, and shared insight on how to succeed in a STEM career. Roy is passionate about encouraging students to pursue a STEM journey and is more than willing to share how his own STEM journey came to be. If you are looking for a speaker that will educate, inform, entertain and inspire, Look no further than Roy Moye III.


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